Wladislav Cugunov

IT Consulting
& Web Development

Welcome to my portfolio. With an extensive background in IT and web development, I’ve honed my skills to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your business needs. 

My Projects:

Auto-GPT Book – Using the full power of Auto-GPT and its Plugins and also how to implement Auto-GPT in your projects

Mini Auto-GPT – A proof of concept I made to showcase the use of small LLMs for AI Agents which can even be run locally on your computer

Chat.fans – Platform for AI projects (React, bootstrap & node)

Mochi – A Godot 4.2 based Pixel Art Roleplay game (C#)

Cursed – 3d generative Horror game (C# & GodotScript)

Tante Emma – Android App period tracker (Kotlin)

Sophie AI – AI Assistant based on Custom LLM (Python 3.10)


Technical Expertise

Programming Languages:

    • Java and Kotlin: Proficient in Java 8 to 12 with expertise in Springboot as well as Android Development.
    • PHP: Adept in crafting solutions with Laravel & Symfony.
    • Python: Proficient in scripting, automation, and plugin development.
    • Javascript & TypeScript: Specializing in Node.js development and experienced in React Admin.


    • MongoDB: Expert in NoSQL database design and optimization.

    • MySQL: Proficient in relational database design and management.

Frameworks & Libraries:

    • React Admin: Hands-on experience in building and managing Web applications based on React Admin.

Other Specialties:

    • Docker: Efficient in containerization and deployment.
    • Android Development: Crafted multiple apps available on the Play Store.
    • IT Security: Knowledgeable in protection measures, including DDOS prevention.
    • AWS: Familiarity with basic Amazon Web Services tools and deployment.
Contributions & Recognitions
  • Auto-GPT Contributor: Proud to have contributed to the development of this innovative tool. Developed several plugins to enhance its functionalities using Python.
  • Bugcrowd Recognitions: Have a look at my contributions in the cybersecurity domain.
  • GitHub: Explore my projects, contributions to the open-source community, and specific plugins I’ve developed for Auto-GPT.
  • Android Apps on Play Store: Check out the apps I’ve developed and published.
Connect with Me

I believe in collaboration and networking. You can connect with me on:

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life.

Warm regards,

Wladislav Cugunov





Random Art generator

The line resets to a random spot once it hits the corner or a given random value.
What you see is generated in realtime.

Also available at https://painting.wlacu.com

Once the image is generated, a download button will appear: