Wladislav Cugunov

My skills:

For References: wlacu@wlacu.com


  • I am developing Android apps and was working mostly with Java.


  • Backend Node.js with mongoose
  • webchat and a working Forex market analysis tool, which also notified me by Push Notifications to my Android App
  • Typescript and React.js at Xing at 2017

Android App Developement:


  • I am super passionate about autimation and almost always end up creating scripts for stuff that requires repeated steps
  • Automated GUI tests by extending Jubula (gui testing tool) with scripts and a html output.

Other (less experienced):

Ruby on Rails:

  • Calabash and Cucumber for Test Automation of Android Apps (2017)
  • Basic Ruby scripts for Automation


  • from  Arduino Projects,   I made an Amazon Alexa compatible door closer with a wifi module (ESP8266) and Arduino Uno
  • customized Skynet Firmware for my Anet A8 3d Printer
  • Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)




  • since I started modelling occasionally, my confidence skyrocketed, instead of being arrogant I wanted to know how people think, so I started reading Psychology and NLP Books since then.
    See here for recommendations: Books


  • I do modelling every now and then, TFP only

For code examples, please contact me.

You can find me on:  LinkedinXing, and Facebook

Github for upcoming Projects: https://github.com/Wladastic

Greetings and thanks for visiting,
Wladislav Cugunov

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