Wladislav Cugunov

Programmer since 2015.

My skills:

For References: wlacu@wlacu.com

Android App Developement:

Automation/ BOTs:

  • Trading Currencies (EURUSD) alot, I figured my strategy could be automated, so I created a Bot that notified me about changes in the market and told me if the chart is moving in a certain direction (maybe I get back to that project some day)
  • I automate almost everything that requires repeated steps,
    at my last job, I automated approximately 90% of my work

    • This was actually my task, I left because I was done and I wanted to work as a developer
  • I am working very precise, always predicting what might go wrong, so my bots are running very stable


  • since 2013 and worked backend (Node.js server side) in 2015 (first dev job)
  • MongoDB: webchat and a working Forex market analysis tool, which also notified me by Push Notifications to my Phone
  • Typescript and React.js at Xing at 2017

Ruby on Rails:

  • Calabash and Cucumber for Test Automation of Android Apps (2017)
  • Basic scripts at work


  • I am developing Android apps and made one program for mac OS in java (contract) since learning it in university in 2015


  • At VTG AG (company): Automated GUI tests by multiple scripts and a html output. Client used was Jubula, which was instructed to start single test steps and my scripts processed and analyzed it’s results by speed/efficiency etc. then listed on an html table

Other (IT):

  • Experience (Testautomation & Quality Assurance):
    • Worked as Testmanager at VTG AG for 1 Year.
    • Internship as QA and Server side Developer at Appinio GmbH for 3 Months
  • C++:
    • from  Arduino Projects,   I made an alexa compatible Door shutter with a wifi module (ESP8266) and Arduino Uno..
  • Microsoft Office and Pages.
  • Mac OS, Windows and Linux User (Expert).




  • since I started modelling occasionally, my confidence skyrocketed, instead of being arrogant I wanted to know how people think, so I started reading Psychology and NLP Books since then.
    See here for recommendations: Books


  • I do modelling every now and then, I am free for TFP or paid, but I do not want to start a career as a model.

For code examples, please contact me.

You can find me on:  LinkedinXing, and Facebook

Github for upcoming Projects: https://github.com/Wladastic


Greetings and thanks for visiting,
Wladislav Cugunov

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