IT-Consulting and Web-Development

Coding Languages:

  • Java 8 to 12 & Springboot
  • PHP & Laravel / Symphony
  • Python
  • Javascript (Node.js preferred)
  • Kotlin 


  • Mongodb
  • MySQL


  • Docker
  • Android App Development
  • IT Security knowledge (for example DDOS protection)
  • AWS (basic)


My Github Page:                Github

My Android Apps:              Play Store


You can find me on:  LinkedinXing, and Freelancermap

Greetings and thanks for visiting,
Wladislav Cugunov





Budgetter Android App:
Keep Track of your Expenses, Salary and other income and see statistics of your expenses.

Music Video generator:
I created a music video generator that takes an image and a music file to generate a visualization of the music.
The idea behind it is to supply an easy and quick way for electronic music artists to create a video.
This video is an example of what the generator creates.

Random Art generator

The line resets to a random spot once it hit’s the corner or a given random value.
What you see is generated in realtime.

Also available at

Once the image is generated, a download button will appear: